Marine Construction Services in Queens, NY

Offering expert services in marine construction, we specialize in drilled foundation piles, drilled casings and caissons, driven foundation piles, helical piles, excavation support, and concrete foundations. Serving Queens, NY with unparalleled craftsmanship and reliability.

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Strengthening Queens' Waterfront and Foundations

At Marine Bulkheading Inc., we are proud to extend our top-tier foundation and marine construction services to Queens, New York.  With 3 decades of mastery in complex construction projects, we are ideally positioned to meet the unique infrastructural needs of Queens’ communities and industries.

Founded in Seaford, New York, and enriched by a history of substantial projects across the Northeast, our family-owned business brings a legacy of expertise and a deep commitment to each project we undertake. In Queens, where the demand for robust construction solutions is driven by both new developments and the revitalization of historic areas, our mission is to deliver services that enhance durability, safety, and environmental harmony.

What Sets Us Apart?


Deep understanding of Queens’ geographic and regulatory landscape, ensuring projects meet local standards and conditions.


Implementation of the latest techniques and tools tailored to urban marine environments and challenging urban foundations.

Safety and Dependability

A proven track record in maintaining the highest safety standards while delivering projects reliably and efficiently.

Community and Environmental Focus

Commitment to supporting Queens’ growth with minimal environmental impact, focusing on sustainable construction practices that benefit local communities.

Marine Bulkheading Inc. is not just a contractor; we are a partner in fostering the infrastructure and resilience of Queens. From enhancing the safety of its extensive shoreline to supporting the foundation needs of its burgeoning skyline, we bring our specialized expertise directly to your Queens-based projects, ensuring they are built to last and designed to impress.

Our Marine
Construction Services

Marine Bulkheading Inc. offers a wide range of specialized services tailored to the infrastructure and environmental demands of Queens, NY. Each service is designed to ensure safety, durability, and effectiveness, supporting the borough’s ongoing development and maintenance.

Marine Construction

We construct robust Bulkheads and Seawalls to protect Queens’ waterfronts from erosion and storm surges, enhancing coastal resilience. Our Piers and Floating Docks cater to both recreational and commercial uses, boosting local commerce and community access. Additionally, our Marine Remediation and Enhancement projects upgrade existing marine structures to improve their efficiency and environmental footprint.

Foundation Solutions

Our Deep Foundations service involves installing driven piles, drilled shafts, and helical piles that provide strong support for high-rise and industrial structures. We also offer Underpinning and Foundation Repair to strengthen the foundations of existing buildings, crucial for the renovation and preservation of historic structures in Queens.

Excavation Services

Mass Excavation is performed to prepare sites for new developments, ensuring a secure and level foundation. Rock Excavation uses advanced techniques to safely remove rock for underground facilities or deep foundations, addressing Queens’ varied geology. Our Environmental Remediation ensures that sites meet stringent environmental safety standards, crucial for community health and compliance.

Support of Excavation (SOE)

We provide Sheet Piling and Soil Shoring to secure excavation sites, especially important in urban areas to protect adjacent structures. Tiebacks and Soil Nails are used to enhance the stability of soil slopes and retaining walls, critical for maintaining safety in densely populated areas.

Additional Specialized Services

Slope Stabilization techniques prevent landslides and erosion, essential in areas of Queens with varied topography. Our Site Drainage Solutions include designing and installing systems to manage water runoff, crucial for preventing flooding and maintaining soil stability during construction projects.

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Committed to Enhancing Queens' Infrastructure

Marine Bulkheading Inc. is deeply committed to addressing the diverse and unique challenges faced by the borough of Queens, where the demand for innovative construction solutions is as varied as its landscape. From residential developments along the East River to commercial expansions near JFK Airport, our projects are tailored to enhance both functionality and safety across the borough.

Start Building with Marine Bulkheading Inc. Today

Ready to enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your property in Queens, NY? Whether you’re looking to protect your waterfront property with robust marine structures, lay a solid foundation for a new building, or ensure the integrity of your existing infrastructure, Marine Bulkheading Inc. is here to help.

Clientele We Serve

Government Agencies

We collaborate with city and state agencies to enhance public infrastructure, including transportation networks, flood defenses, and public utilities. Our projects align with government safety and quality standards, ensuring long-term benefits for the community.

Real Estate Developers

For developers investing in Queens’ rapidly expanding residential and commercial markets, we provide foundational and marine construction services that ensure the longevity and stability of their developments. Our work supports the vision of developers to transform landscapes and enhance community living.

Commercial Enterprises

We support businesses, ranging from small enterprises to large industrial complexes, by constructing durable foundations and waterfront facilities that boost their operations and resilience.

Private Homeowners

Residential clients benefit from our expertise in creating stable and secure foundations for homes, especially those near the waterfront, safeguarding their investments against environmental risks.

Environmental Organizations

We partner with environmental groups to ensure that all projects maintain ecological balance, focusing on conservation and sustainable construction practices that protect Queens’ natural habitats.

Impactful Solutions for a Growing Borough

In response to Queens’ vulnerability to storm surges and flooding, Marine Bulkheading Inc. specializes in constructing robust seawalls and bulkheads. These structures are critical in protecting against the immediate impacts of severe weather and ensuring long-term resilience for waterfront communities. As Queens continues to develop vertically and expand its commercial hubs, our deep foundation services provide a stable and secure base for new buildings and structures, which is crucial for supporting the high-rise developments that characterize New York’s skyline. Additionally, we contribute to the improvement of public infrastructure such as bridges and roadways and provide specialized construction services for industrial facilities, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

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Community and Environmental Benefits

Our projects reinforce infrastructure against both natural and human-made hazards, enhancing the safety and security of Queens’ residents and visitors. Marine Bulkheading Inc.’s commitment to sustainable practices ensures that each project minimizes environmental impact. By adhering to strict regulations and embracing eco-friendly construction methods, we uphold our dedication to environmental stewardship. Furthermore, our construction projects create jobs and stimulate local economies. By improving accessibility and increasing property values through enhanced infrastructure, we contribute significantly to the economic growth of the area.