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Marine Bulkheading Inc. is recognized for its expertise in marine excavation, consistently delivering precision and innovation. As skilled excavation contractors in New York, we specialize in the safe operation of advanced excavators and the meticulous maintenance of marine equipment. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness ensures compliance with the highest industry standards on every project.

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Our services in New York pave the way for successful projects with a focus on innovative helical piles and essential Support of Excavation services.

Mass excavation involves the removal of large volumes of soil or rock from a construction site to prepare the area for building foundations, utilities, or landscaping. This process typically utilizes heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks to efficiently remove and transport soil or rock materials. Mass excavation is a crucial initial step in the construction process, ensuring a level and stable surface for further development.

Rock excavation is the process of breaking and removing solid rock formations from a construction site using specialized equipment and techniques. This may involve drilling, blasting, or mechanical methods to fracture and dislodge the rock, followed by excavation and removal. Rock excavation is often necessary when constructing foundations, tunnels, or other structures in areas with significant rock formations.

Environmental remediation refers to the cleanup and restoration of contaminated sites to protect human health and the environment. This process may involve the removal, treatment, or containment of hazardous substances such as pollutants, chemicals, or industrial waste. Environmental remediation projects aim to mitigate risks to public health and ecosystems, restore affected areas to their original state, and prevent further environmental degradation.

Site drainage involves the design and installation of systems to manage surface water runoff and prevent flooding or water accumulation on construction sites. This may include the installation of drainage pipes, catch basins, swales, or retention ponds to channel and control stormwater runoff. Drywells are underground structures designed to collect and infiltrate stormwater runoff into the surrounding soil, helping to recharge groundwater and reduce the burden on municipal sewer systems. Proper site drainage and drywell systems are essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of construction sites while minimizing environmental impact.

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