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Embark on your construction journey with Marine Bulkheading Inc., where expertise meets innovation. As a leading deep foundation company in New York, we specialize in a spectrum of deep foundation solutions, bringing unparalleled proficiency to every project. With a focus on precision engineering and meticulous construction practices, we ensure the creation of foundations that stand the test of time. From Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) drilling to helical piles, our seasoned professionals are equipped to tackle even the most challenging soil conditions.

Our Deep Foundation Services

Experience the pinnacle of deep foundation solutions with MBI. From advanced techniques like Continuous Flight Auger drilling to reliable methods like drilled shafts, we deliver stability and excellence for your projects.

These small-diameter piles are ideal for projects with limited access or low headroom, providing reliable support in confined spaces. Offering high load capacity and minimal disturbance to surrounding structures, mini piles and micro piles are versatile solutions for challenging foundation conditions.

Utilizing screw-like helices to anchor deep into the soil, helical piles offer quick and cost-effective foundation support for various structures. With their ability to be installed in a wide range of soil types and conditions, helical piles provide stability and resilience against uplift and lateral forces.

Driven piles are driven or hammered into the ground to provide sturdy foundation support for structures, particularly in areas with challenging soil conditions. This method offers efficient installation and high load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for both temporary and permanent structures in diverse environments.

CFA piles are constructed by drilling a hollow stem auger into the ground while continuously injecting concrete, resulting in a seamless, high-strength foundation element. Offering fast installation and minimal soil disturbance, CFA piles are well-suited for projects requiring deep foundations or in areas with sensitive soil conditions.

Drilled shafts, also known as caissons, are deep foundation elements formed by drilling a large diameter hole and filling it with concrete and reinforcing steel. Providing robust support for heavy structures and high vertical loads, drilled shafts are commonly used in bridge construction, high-rise buildings, and industrial facilities.

FDPs are driven into the ground using specialized equipment, displacing soil to create a void that is subsequently filled with concrete. This method results in high-capacity, load-bearing piles with minimal soil disturbance, making FDPs suitable for projects requiring efficient installation and reliable foundation support.

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