Drilled Minipiles

At MBI, we specialize in drilled piles, also known as drilled shafts, renowned for their exceptional load-bearing capacity. Our versatile piles are tailored for various construction applications, particularly those demanding minimal vibration and noise levels. We expertly create these piles by drilling steel pipes and filling them with concrete or grout, providing reliable and vibration-free support for a wide range of structures. Our drilled piles come in diverse forms and sizes, perfectly adaptable to varying soil conditions and geotechnical challenges. Rest assured, our solutions ensure stability, even in complex projects, and strictly adhere to local building codes.

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Helical Piles

At MBI, we provide cutting-edge helical pile solutions, often referred to as screw piles, known for their remarkable versatility, efficiency, and eco-friendly foundation methods. We specialize in the installation of these innovative piles by expertly drilling them into the ground, eliminating the need for extensive excavation. Our helical piles, constructed from robust steel, guarantee both stability and impressive load-bearing capacity. They are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial projects, offering adaptability and corrosion resistance for lasting performance.

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Driven Piles

At MBI, we offer a comprehensive range of foundation solutions, including Pipe Piles and H-Piles, tailored to meet diverse construction requirements. Our Pipe Piles, available in open and closed-end configurations, serve as robust foundations for a variety of applications. We specialize in concrete-filled Pipe Piles to enhance strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring lasting performance. Our expertise lies in calculating structural capacity based on steel and concrete strength, with provisions for corrosion in line with industry standards.

In addition to Pipe Piles, we provide versatile H-Piles, which are structural beams ideal for deep foundations. We offer services such as cutting, joining, and implementing corrosion protection measures to extend their lifespan. These foundation solutions are well-suited for a range of construction needs, making MBI your go-to choice for reliable and durable structural support.

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Marine Construction

At MBI, we excel in the specialized field of marine construction, dedicated to the construction and maintenance of structures in aquatic environments. Our expertise covers a wide range of projects, including ports, bridges, offshore platforms, and more. We bring the required engineering and construction knowledge to ensure the durability of structures even in challenging conditions.

Safety and sustainability are our top priorities in marine construction. We focus on minimizing environmental impact and strictly adhering to industry regulations. Our team is well-versed in marine engineering and innovative technologies, which are essential for delivering high-quality results.

By choosing MBI, you are selecting a partner with a deep understanding of marine construction, committed to supporting various industries while maintaining the utmost safety and environmental responsibility.

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Support of Excavation

At MBI, we excel in Support of Excavation (SOE) services crucial for safeguarding trenches and foundations in construction projects. Our expertise encompasses temporary structures such as sheet piles, soldier piles, shoring, and retaining walls, assuring both safety and stability. Our tailored SOE methods are designed considering soil conditions, depth, and specific project requirements, while adhering strictly to local building codes. At MBI, we prioritize worker safety and efficient construction practices, ensuring reliable and safe project execution.

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Concrete Foundations

At MBI, we are experts in providing essential concrete foundation services, ensuring the creation of sturdy and enduring structures. Our skilled teams work with a combination of cement, aggregates, and water to deliver foundations that offer strength and even weight distribution. Our services cover a wide range of foundation types, perfectly adaptable to residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We specialize in constructing foundations that resist environmental stressors, offer the option for steel reinforcement, and prioritize meticulous engineering and construction practices to guarantee long-lasting reliability. When you choose MBI, you choose the foundation for your project's success.

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Excavation & Enviornmental Cleanup

At MBI, we play a pivotal role in the essential processes of excavation and environmental cleanup, crucial for construction and environmental restoration. Our excavation services encompass the skilled removal and relocation of soil and materials, ensuring efficient site preparation. Simultaneously, our environmental cleanup services focus on mitigating pollution and contamination, restoring sites to their pristine condition.

We take utmost care in adhering to safety regulations and environmental standards, placing a strong emphasis on worker safety, sustainable practices, and the protection of our environment. These processes, integral to our industry, support a range of sectors and contribute to the creation of a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable environment. When you choose MBI, you opt for excellence in excavation and environmental cleanup, with a commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

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Equipment Rentals

At MBI, we are your trusted source for marine equipment rentals, offering flexible weekly and monthly options to meet your specific needs. Whether you require the strength and reliability of Push Boats, the safety assurance of our Safety Boats, the towing power of Tug Boats, the versatility of Barges with Crane, the simplicity of Barges without Crane, or the convenience of Floating Dock Rentals, we have a solution for you. Our well-maintained fleet is ready to support your marine projects, providing the equipment you need when you need it. Explore our rental services today and experience marine excellence with MBI.

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Drilling Secant Wall

At MBI, we specialize in advanced construction techniques, including drilling secant walls. This method is designed to create interlocking barriers, ensuring stability even in challenging soil conditions. We excel in the precision drilling and filling of holes with concrete, effectively resisting soil pressure and groundwater intrusion. Our expertise in secant walls makes us the preferred choice for urban, deep foundation, and infrastructure projects.

Our team is equipped with specialized equipment and possesses the necessary expertise to deliver exceptional results. We emphasize careful engineering to maintain structural integrity and adhere to building codes, placing a strong focus on safety and the success of even the most complex building endeavors. Choose MBI for secant wall construction, and experience superior solutions for your construction needs.

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Soil Mixing

At MBI, we are your go-to experts in soil mixing, a versatile geotechnical technique that enhances soil properties for construction and environmental projects. Our skilled team excels in blending in-situ soil with cement and other agents, resulting in improved strength, enhanced resistance to settlement, and contamination mitigation. Our expertise extends to various soil types, where we excel in stabilizing soil, creating barriers, and remediating polluted sites.

We understand the importance of careful engineering, safety, and environmental compliance in soil mixing applications. Our commitment to safety and sustainability ensures that your project benefits from a reliable and eco-friendly solution. When you choose MBI, you are opting for soil mixing services that support infrastructure, urban development, and sustainable construction practices.

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Drilled Tie Backs

At MBI, we specialize in providing critical stability and reinforcement through our expertly executed drilled tie backs service. This technique involves the precision drilling of holes and the installation of steel tendons to resist high loads, ensuring versatility in various construction projects, particularly in excavation, retaining walls, and deep foundations. Our team prioritizes proper design, installation, and tensioning, of our drilled tie backs in even the most challenging soil conditions. We are committed to supporting infrastructure development, enhancing safety, and ensuring the success of construction projects in geotechnically challenging environments.

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Drilled Caissons

At MBI, we excel in providing essential geotechnical services, specializing in the installation of drilled caissons. These are key elements used in construction for enhancing structural stability and support. Our skilled teams excel in the precise drilling of deep holes and the expert filling of concrete, ensuring exceptional load-bearing capacity and stability. Our drilled caissons are fully customizable and versatile, making them the ideal choice for various applications, from bridge foundations and tall buildings to marine structures. Our commitment to proper engineering and construction processes ensures their effectiveness in supporting infrastructure development. When you choose MBI, you opt for reliable and robust drilled caissons to meet your construction needs.

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CFA / FDP Drilling

At MBI, we are experts in Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) drilling, a versatile geotechnical method that excels in creating stable boreholes, especially in challenging soil conditions. We specialize in the use of continuous spiral flight augers, seamlessly drilling and injecting concrete or grout for your projects. Our CFA drilling services are adaptable and ideally suited for soft or unstable soils, making them invaluable in urban or limited access settings. Our unwavering commitment to proper engineering and construction practices ensures the creation of durable foundations, actively supporting infrastructure development, and guaranteeing the safety and success of construction projects. When you choose MBI, you choose excellence in CFA drilling to meet your construction needs.

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Timber Piling

At MBI, we specialize in timber piling, a foundational technique used in geotechnical engineering and construction, especially in marine and waterfront environments. Our expertise lies in driving wooden piles deep into the ground to create robust foundations for structures near water bodies. Timber piling is a versatile, corrosion-resistant, and cost-effective solution, perfectly suited for projects like piers, docks, bridges, and more. We understand that proper engineering and installation practices are paramount to ensure the creation of durable and reliable foundations. Our team is dedicated to supporting infrastructure development and preserving historic waterfront structures, making MBI your top choice for timber piling services.

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At MBI, we specialize in underpinning, a versatile construction technique that serves to reinforce and extend existing foundations, enhancing both stability and load-bearing capacity. Our expertise addresses common issues such as settlement and subsidence, ensuring the structural integrity of residential and commercial buildings. Our underpinning process includes a meticulous assessment and the skillful installation of support systems, including piers, micropiles, and steel beams.

We prioritize safety, engineering expertise, and strict compliance with local building codes to ensure the success of underpinning projects in construction, renovations, and historic preservation. When you choose MBI, you choose a partner dedicated to strengthening your structures and ensuring their longevity and reliability.

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Solar Pile Driving

At MBI, we specialize in solar pile driving, an innovative construction technique tailored to anchor solar panel arrays in various soil conditions. Our expertise lies in driving specialized piles deep into the ground to secure and stabilize solar structures, ensuring load-bearing capacity and resistance to environmental stressors. This technique is ideal for solar energy installations in diverse settings, including urban and remote locations. MBI offers specialized equipment and technical expertise to guarantee proper engineering and construction practices, prioritizing structural integrity and compliance with industry standards. Solar pile driving is an integral part of our commitment to supporting renewable energy initiatives, contributing to sustainability, and ensuring the success of solar energy projects.

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